Apple heeft zojuist de derde bèta versie van OS X 10.9 Mavericks vrijgegeven. Mac ontwikkelaars kunnen OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 3 via de Mac App Store downloaden en installeren. De derde developer preview lost een aantal bestaande problemen op en brengt een aantal nieuwe functies met zich mee.

OS X Mavericks

Notes and Known Issues


  • Network migration from earlier versions of OS X requires the Migration Update for Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion available form the Mac Dev Center.
  • Migration from Windows is not supported in Developer Preview 3.
  • Reinstalling Developer Preview 3 from the Recovery Partition is not supported. Developer Preview 3 can be reinstalled using a Time Machine backup or Target Disk Mode.

iCloud and iCloud Keychain

  • The Reset Keychain button in Account Details of the iCloud preferences pane is for testing purposes and will not be available in the final release.
  • First time iCloud setup may fail. Disabled services may be manually enabled in the iCloud preferences pane.
  • After upgrading to Developer Preview 3, iCloud Keychain will need to be re-enabled in the iCloud preferences pane.
  • iCloud Keychain in OS X Mavericks Developer Seed 3 is not backward compatible with iOS 7 Seed 2 and OS X Mavericks Developer Seed 2.
  • When enabling iCloud Keychain, a blank sheet may appear. Force Quit System Preferences and retry.

Third-Party Applications

  • Installation within a virtual machine is not supported for VMWare Fusion.
  • Adobe After Effects CS6 will not function correctly.


  • Screen recordings taken with Developer Preview 3 are not compatible with earlier releases of OS X.
  • The QuickTime Player progress bar may be nonfunctional when opening media that requires conversion prior to playback.
  • Aperture may exit unexpectedly when exporting an image while in full screen.
  • Moving a full-screen Aperture window to a secondary display may prevent the app window from being visible in subsequent attempts to use full screen.
  • When saving from Photoshop, ‘Save As’ may not respect selected filetype.
  • Maps may display some graphical corruption when resizing windows or switching from standard to satellite view.
  • Fusion Drive volumes created with Developer Preview 3 are not compatible with OS X version 10.8.4 or earlier.
  • Developer Preview 3 includes OpenSSH 6.2p2.